About Brandon Steinman


I was born in Miami, Florida and moved to Daytona Beach, Florida at the age of 5 where I was primarily raised. Immediately, I was enrolled in karate and continued until I was 12 years of age. Having martial arts be such a significant part of my early life taught me essential discipline that I instill in all facets of my life. I also played drums and percussion instruments from a young age and continue today. Having played in every form of middle and high school bands, I gained valuable experiences and friendships through music that would last a lifetime. I graduated from the University of Florida in Business Administration. My years there taught me valuable interpersonal and professional skills that I have carried over into the professional world. I was introduced to the financial services industry in 2019 during a summer internship.

My various experiences within financial services have led me to become a proud member of the Mantay & Company team. Since obtaining my Life, Health and Variable Annuity (2-15) license, I strive to provide top-level assistance and support to our clients. Specifically, I specialize in assisting with Life Insurance and Annuity related services for clients.  As I continue to obtain the proper licenses and registrations, I plan to provide increased value to the team by becoming a Financial Advisor at Mantay & Company and Prudential.

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