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Our Team

  • Frank Mantay

    Frank is our lead Financial Professional. He works one-on-one with you to understand your goals and challenges, and to implement the protection and investment strategies developed to address your specific needs.

    Frank can be reached at

  • Aaron Noles

    Aaron is a Prudential Financial Professional. He specializes in helping individuals, couples and families protect themselves for the unexpected and grow their assets for the long term. He works closely with his clients to recommend the appropriate products and services to help them achieve their unique goals.

    Aaron can be reached at

  • Pat Wing

    Pat is our Client Service Specialist who reaches out to clients to schedule meetings for them and update their life insurance policies. She coordinates the Administrative activities for our practice, and keeps our files in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

    Pat Wing can be reached at:

  • Francesca Mantay

    Francesca is our Client Service Specialist and Marketing Associate. She is our Property and Casualty specialist and assists clients with their insurance needs.  Her duties include scheduling meetings for clients and updating their life insurance policies and annuity contracts. She also coordinates seminars and ensures all marketing and marketing material are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

    Francesca can be reached at